We are getting a new well drilled the week of 5/26 so there will be no running water at the range house.  All shooters will need to use the porta-pot down by the 5-Stand field.  Thank you for your patience.



Once paving work begins there will be no access to the shotgun range for any reason until the work is completed.  The range will be closed to all shooters during the work.



Shotgun Range Use Request Form

The Tri-Cities Shooting Association (TCSA) and the Shotgun Range Range Use Coordinator must approve all Rattlesnake Mountain Shotgun Range Use Requests.  When the request is approved, if a shooting event is being requested, the event coordinator will be responsible for supplying the necessary number of Shotgun Range Safety Officers (SG RSO) needed to maintain a safe event.  If a non-shooting event is being requested, the event coordinator will be responsible for appointing a TCSA Range Safety Officer to be on site to supervise the event. All RSO’s will be members in good standing of the TCSA.

Please note that a copy of your organization’s by-laws, proof of insurance, and a list of affiliations may also be required in order for TCSA to process your Range Use Request.

Ranges regularly scheduled to be open for public use or for events previously scheduled on the TCSA and Shotgun Range Calendars will take priority over any later received use request.

NOTE:  The event coordinator/sponsor is responsible for all cleaning and/or damages incurred from the event.  The range and clubhouse will be left in the original condition.  At no time will items be attached to the walls and/or windows of the clubhouse.

Range Use Fees:

Adult non-member group rates: $5 per round, includes range fee.

Adult non-member/member group rates: $5 per round, includes range fee.

Adult member group rates: $4 per round, range use fee not applicable.

17 year old and under group rates: $2 per round, range use fee not applicable*.

*Adults accompanying youth groups will pay the $5 pre round, range fee included.

All other groups and individuals will be charged the current charge per round plus range fees for all non-members.

Clubhouse Use:

Clubhouse without kitchen use with shooting event: No Charge.

Clubhouse with kitchen use with shooting event: $25 (Kitchen must be clean and returned to previous state after use).

Clubhouse with no shooting event is reserved for TCSA disciplines only at no charge.


Please submit Shotgun Range Use Request This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please include Date, Time, and details of your event.  We will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you for your interest in the Rattlesnake Mountain Shotgun Range!